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Hydrosol SupplySideWest IDM Sept19

At this year’s SupplySide West in Las Vegas, Hydrosol, one of the world’s leading suppliers of stabilising and texturing systems, is presenting the latest generation of functional systems and all-in compounds for making plant-based burger patties, cold cuts and sausages, as well as vegan alternatives to pizza cheese, cream cheese and sour cream. At Booth #4767, visitors can get many new inspirations.


Vegan dairy alternatives for American foods

Pizza, bagels, burgers – Hydrosol has developed plant-based ingredients for the American classics, including pepperoni and a pizza topping that can substitute for cheese. Like traditional pizza cheese, this vegan product has very good melt properties, which is not always the case with vegan alternatives. This plant-based topping is also stringy when hot, a critical factor for cheese intended for melted toppings. In the cream cheese category Hydrosol offers a texturing system that can be used to make vegan bagel spreads, plain or with herbs or other additional ingredients.


Hydrosol’s vegan sour cream alternative is an answer to the growing consumer demand for clean label products. This plant-based sour cream is free of e-numbers, and the taste is indistinguishable from the animal product. It is based on an almond drink and coconut fat. Together with a Hydrosol stabilising and texturing system, it gives a topping for burgers and burritos or a dip for potato wedges and chips.


In recent years Hydrosol has made a name for itself as a source of full-service solutions for plant-based products that sell well. At SupplySide West the company will show highlights like its all-in package for vegetarian burgers. It contains meatless burger patties, bacon, and a sauce that uses no egg yolk, plus a vegan sliced cheese alternative that melts easily and harmonises well with the final product. For more visit


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