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Read our specialised magazine FT MEAT TECHNOLOGY 04/2017 directly on your computer screen or tablet and smartphone.

Our online service allows you to easily flip the magazine just like a printed paper. Articles and areas of interrest can be enlarged with the magnifier or searched by keywords.

You can expect the following topics:

Data battle
Digital evolution in the Gocksch slaughterhouse in Herford: An ERP system from Winweb ensures a smooth flow of data from the delivery to the trade... >> Read more

Operating system for the turkey farm
The view on the footpads gives the best conclusions about the animal welfare, says the poultry expert Prof. Dr. Robby Andersson from the University of Osnabrück... >> Read more

Hygiene ensures more profit
Just in Air® study: Hygienic production in meat product processing improves a company‘s level of food safety and hence its profitability... >> Read more

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