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How sustainable is your cheese?

Advances in technology are enabling cheesemakers to get more from their milk


It is a statistic so widely recognized that it scarcely needs any introduction: Nine billion. That’s how many people are projected to be alive in 2050, needing access to balanced, healthy diets that allow them to reach their full potential. Dairy products are nutrient-dense, natural and are highly attractive to a wide-range of consumers worldwide in almost any country. So, how can we fulfill this need and deliver more dairy, safely and sustainably, to more people around the world?

With over 100 years’ experience in the dairy industry and one of the broadest dairy portfolios of dairy ingredients, we can help to make the cheese making process more sustainable throughout the supply chain. I believe that the choice of ingredients to produce cheese should not be neglected in the context of sustainability. Advances in science and technology are enabling cheesemakers to get more from their milk and deliver quality nutrition to more people around the world.

Whey for babyfood Hochwald Foods has set a new worldwide benchmark

Hochwald Foods has massively upgraded its activities in Hünfeld, Germany, over the past years. Part of the investment was a new whey processing plant built on a greenfield site for production of demineralised whey concentrate and powder which alone saw a capital expenditure of €90m. IDM was granted a look into the facility.


The magazine

IDM International Dairy Magazine

The bi-monthly trade publication IDM International Dairy magazine - a sister product to the all-German language "molkerei-industrie" - focuses on developments in the milk industry as well as on technological progress.


The magazine provides executives and those responsible for procurement of dairy and cheese making companies background information and an overview on major global or local market trends as well as on the newest developments in milk processing technology.


The editorial is focussing especially on: market opportunities, company strategies, processing technology, filling and packaging, automation and IT, ingredients and logistics.


Distribution: all over the EU, North Africa and Middle East


Frequency: bi-monthly, first copy to be released in November 2008


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