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Complete lifecycle efficiency

Industry 4.0 solutions


What was once simply a dream is now becoming reality: new products and services in the compressed air production sector are bringing Industry 4.0 to life.

When it comes to compressed air production, intelligent contracting model-based solutions, such as Sigma Air Utility, have been available for quite some time now. These so-called hybrid service bundles combine highly efficient, innovative products with intelligent services in the fields of engineering and predictive maintenance. In essence, it is these solutions that laid the foundation for Industry 4.0 in the compressed air production sector. Now, thanks to new communications technologies and services, these compressed air contracting models are being further refined and improved. ...

Strengthen innovation and communication

Ways to counteract the media's denigration of milk


Stephan Karl, CEO Tetra Pak Mid Europe, at a major dairy industry conference in Germany recently held an interesting presentation on how the global milk market can find its revival. IDM took the opportunity to ask Mr Karl how the dairy industry should handle innovation and communication.


IDM: What can the industry do to escape the vortex of constant negative headlines about the alleged detrimental effects on health of milk consumption?


Karl: There are no easy answers to that. In my view, however, innovation and communication have to be intensified. Compared with other foods, milk has one significant advantage. A survey by Tetra Pak among 1,200 consumers in six countries found that 82% of respondents had no doubts about milk being healthy and wholesome. Despite the scaremongering in some media reports, 61% of this sample population do not see any negative characteristics associated with milk. 30% do not even believe the negative reviews. You can build on that using innovation and communication. ...



The magazine

IDM International Dairy Magazine

The bi-monthly trade publication IDM International Dairy magazine - a sister product to the all-German language "molkerei-industrie" - focuses on developments in the milk industry as well as on technological progress.


The magazine provides executives and those responsible for procurement of dairy and cheese making companies background information and an overview on major global or local market trends as well as on the newest developments in milk processing technology.


The editorial is focussing especially on: market opportunities, company strategies, processing technology, filling and packaging, automation and IT, ingredients and logistics.


Distribution: all over the EU, North Africa and Middle East


Frequency: bi-monthly, first copy to be released in November 2008


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